Recommended Coursework

There is a tremendous opportunity in dentistry today to be much more involved in your patient's overall wellness. However, capitalizing on this opportunity will require you to have a strategic plan. It will be necessary to have a methodology to provide practitioner/patient awareness about health related issues, educate the patient about how oral conditions can affect systemic health, determine clear diagnostic criteria, develop plans of treatment and organize ongoing maintenance protocols. In addition, it is desirable to apply metrics, or measurables, to any course of action that we recommend to a patient. Using measurables enhances the patient's understanding of our treatment and provides objective credibility to our methodology.

The below courses are taught by Dr. Thompson at various times throughout the year, primarily at the prestigious Kois Center in Seattle, Washington. See the schedule for Kois Center and other opportunities to learn directly from the founder of The Network. While not required for members, it is highly recommended that those seeking the full benefit of The Network consider adding this experience to their overall professional development plan.

Integrating Periodontal Medicine to Minimize Systemic Health Risks - Dentistry for Total Body Wellness

Course Description

Recent science suggests one of the main drivers of heart attack and stroke, premature aging, and many other diseases is systemic inflammation. Having knowledge about which conditions in and around the mouth contribute to, and how they contribute to, the cumulative inflammatory burden on our body is very important. Dentistry, for a number of reasons, is the ideal profession to identify and help manage many issues that contribute to inflammation and to systemic health. Integrating Periodontal Medicine to Minimize Systemic Health Risks is a course that outlines a structured approach to identify, diagnose, and treat some of the most important inflammatory contributors. Periodontal disease leads this list and a complete periodontal evaluation and treatment system will be introduced.

Integration of dentistry with medicine will be the way of the future. In this course a complete patient evaluation methodology and many tools to guide this process will be introduced. Areas of medicine that are appropriate for dentists to be involved in will foster dentist/physician collaboration, and this too will be explored. Results of a structured medical model risk based approach to the dental examination and treatment protocols will lead to better patient education, better treatment outcomes, and stronger patient loyalty. These benefits will result in healthier patients, healthier practices and healthier teams.

Objectives of the course are:
● Provide a structured methodology to clinically evaluate and treat the seven key clinical elements of the dental exam with a focus on systemic health. These seven key clinical elements are Periodontal Disease, Caries, Biocorrosion, Bite Disease, Oral Cancer, Sleep Apnea and Appearance.
● Evaluate the best available metrics, or tests, that guide our assessments and treatments in all areas that we evaluate.
● Provide the framework to establish a quality, consistent, predictable periodontal management program that can be executed by the hygiene team?
● Introduce other areas of systemic health inflammatory management through the early identification of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, and Hypertension.
● Introduce concepts in the management of oral, sinus and gut yeast imbalances and the role of probiotics in gut health.
● Introduce concepts in how pollutants and improper supplementation can increase whole body inflammation.
● Introduce healthy lifestyle concepts in hydration, sleep hygiene, exercise, nutrition, and stress management.
● Introduce many tools to guide the process of educating your patients about the significance of inflammatory conditions.
● Provide methodology to change the patient's perspective of what you do for them and increase the value of the services you provide.
● Provide an option to participate in the Wellness Dentistry Network. This is a network of dental offices with a desire to stay updated on emerging ideas, and advances surrounding the structured process outlined in this course.

Personalized Periodontal Medicine: A New Approach to Total Body Health

Course Description

Periodontal disease detection criteria and how we treat active disease are changing. It is becoming clearer and clearer that it is not just an oral problem; it is a systemic problem. The new approach features the use of the saliva (salivary diagnostics) and other personalized patient information to assist with disease diagnosis and treatment. These concepts, embraced by the entire team, can transform your routine hygiene services to value added experiences of personalized periodontal medicine. This approach will ultimately result in healthier patients, a healthier practice and healthier teams!

These questions will come clear when working with Dr. Thompson:
● How do I establish a quality, consistent, predictable periodontal management program?
● Can periodontal health lead to healthier patients overall?
● Are there opportunities for significant professional and financial growth?
● What are the benefits of using salivary diagnostics?
● What is the significance of embracing the oral systemic link?
● Can this be delegated and directed by your team?

Personalized Periodontal Medicine courses are designed for the general practitioner, their lead hygienist and/or their entire team who are serious about advancing the periodontal health of their patients, the health of their team and the health of their practice. Learn how saliva testing is a key factor in diagnosis of disease. A thorough understanding of the oral systemic link, complemented with the use of salivary diagnostics provides an opportunity for significant professional and financial growth for your entire office.

Featuring a series of case studies, you will see that practicing this way is 21st century periodontal care. A complete implementation tool kit to create a systematic process, including a series of patient educational materials, is presented and available for purchase. Utilizing a comprehensive approach, and adding organized structure, you can radically transform your practice and demonstrate to your patients your true concern for their overall wellness.


● Increase the periodontal awareness of everyone in the office to enhance team/patient discussion and early disease detection. Learn how to develop an office wide high quality periodontal policy.
● Learn awareness about how the bacterial profile may affect vascular disease concerns and heart attack risk.
● Feature case studies that outline the use of the saliva to determine the bacteria profile and genetic susceptibility (salivary diagnostics), and the benefits of both, in the care of active disease patients.
● Show the use of clinical adjuncts to control inflammation and the rate of clinical attachment loss.
● Provide language and techniques to explain to patients their own "periodontal story".
● Explore how to relate the diagnosis to periodontal risk assessment.
● Reveal implementation challenges in leading a new periodontal standard of care.