Welcome to the Wellness Dentistry Network

We appreciate you spending time on our site, looking into what The Network has to offer, and hope you have seen enough to make the decision to join. Following Dr. Doug's presentation at the Kois Center Annual Symposium and the ADM Practice Perfection webinar on July 28, we are getting a great response and look forward to greeting new members in the coming weeks and months. As these members experience the content that is now available to them, we'll be collaborating to ensure that we continue to optimize, refine, and expand the tools provided - working together to stay on the forefront of this new form of dentistry is a key principle for The Network.


Kois Center Annual Symposium - Seattle, Washington

  • Advisory Board Meeting
  • Clinical Instructor Meeting
  • Annual Symposium and Literature Update Related to all Kois Courses
  • Symposium Presentation (30 Minute): "Implementing Periodontal Medicine and Systemic Health Concepts in Practice: Navigating the Barriers"

Presentation Synopsis:

There is a new opportunity in every restorative dental practice revolving around periodontal medicine and systemic health. As vascular disease continues to be redefined as an inflammatory disease, and not a cholesterol disease, reducing total body inflammation is a goal of treatment.

In addition to concerns about inflammation from periodontal disease, other key elements of the new patient exam, provide opportunities to guide patients to better health.  Promoting whole body health, through our dental practices, sounds noble but barriers exist that we must overcome if we intend to be successful.

This Presentation Will:

  • Outline periodontal disease concepts and the relationship to heart disease.
  • Identify some barriers, in promoting health concepts, not directly related to tooth management.
  • Suggest some strategies to reduce or eliminate barriers to health management beyond the mouth.
  • Expose the key oral elements that can springboard conversations about health issues other than heart disease.
  • Show that in addition to repairing the teeth, adding a wellness approach to our practices can produce healthier patients, healthier practices, and healthier teams.