How Do I Join The Wellness Dentistry Network?

Our membership process is simple and The Network is designed to be affordable for your practice. Please start by downloading, completing and signing the Membership Agreement and Oath located at the bottom of this page. Once complete, email the form to, and please copy Once your membership is confirmed, we'll reach out with all the information you need to get into the content portion of this site, and get you started.

The initial one-time fee of $2,200 will give you one year of access to the most recent database of educational and patient management materials available. Additional materials will be throughout the year, including Member produced content, as the science or clinical validity evolves. After your first year of membership, a maintenance fee of $1,500, as listed on your initial entry contract, will continue your access to the content on the site. 

While not required, optimally all members will attend one or both of Dr. Thompson's all day courses. These courses are given at various times and locations around the country. They are titled:

● Integrating Periodontal Medicine to Minimize Systemic Health Risks - Dentistry for Total Body Wellness
● Personalized Periodontal Medicine: A New Approach to Total Body Health

After attending one or both of these courses you'll have a great understanding about clinical policy development and how dental conditions affect total body health. These courses focus on patient and team awareness, diagnosis, treatment and treatment protocols, maintenance protocols and measurables in the seven key elements of the patient evaluation. There is also an outline for many other medical issues that may be co-managed and brought to patients' attention by the dental team.


You can still join the Wellness Dentistry Network without any prior courses and begin with the educational courses as they come available online. You can watch the introductory narrated presentations to give you clarity on the wellness approach. You will also have access to all the tools to help educate your team and your patient base about wellness issues that can be addressed in the dental office.

Private consultations through our Coaching Packages are also available throughout the year, at an additional charge, and can be scheduled directly with Dr. Thompson.